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When developing a logo or brand, my creative direction is a unique process. Unlike many designers, I create one-of-a-kind, handdrawn logos and custom typography. This means that your logo will be a brand new creation that will completely reflect your venture and will never be duplicated. Below are a sampling of logos I have designed for various clients. 

logo16 logo15 logo14 logo13 logo12 logo11 logo10 logo9 logo8 logo7 logo6 logo5 logo4 logo3 logo2 logo1



Your brand isn’t just a visual mark. It’s an identity that you carry across your entire business. My goal as a designer is not just make something that looks good, but to create a design that reinforces your brand’s characteristics and builds a complete, original look. The decisions I make as a designer showcase the very best of client, and in creating your brand I will pay attention to the fine details like color choices, style guidelines, and new trends to create the perfect mark that will make your brand stand out.






When designed correctly, email is still one of the best ways to promote you and your clients online. I’ve had the opportunity to work as an email designer for two very different companies, each with the same goal: To create strong and relevant marketing email campaigns that will grab their customers’ attention. My goal as an email designer has been to always take into account the best practices for email design, as well as to account for both the web and mobile platforms.







Print Design uses the artform of typography to create compelling advertisements and promotional pieces. When designing print materials, I strive to make the text come to life by using different sizes, spacing, fonts, and colors to create attractive lettering that will catch your customer’s eye and their attention.






According to my mother, I’ve been drawing since I was in diapers. Lately, I’ve been promoting my doodles on Society6 and other social media sites. My illustration style typically uses pen and ink to create complex drawings that flow together in mesmerizing designs that draw in the viewer. I get lost in patterns and want those who view my work to become lost in a mixture of lines, forms, shapes, colors, and ideas.

A variety of my illustrations can be found on, a gallery of hundreds of thousands of artists from around the world. Society6 produces all artwork in the highest quality materials, printing everything from mugs, apparel, technology covers, and throw pillows.




During my undergraduate years at Taylor University, I had the privilege of working for the university on all major campus events. For each event in 2009-2010, I created t-shirts for Taylor Student Organization. Not many art students have the honor of working for their alma mater so early in their careers, and it was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with other talented designers. Our team worked to create a new approach to campus apparel. The result was a series of fun, innovative t-shirts that transformed students into a walking campaign for local events.




What works in print doesn’t always work online, and a good designer knows the difference. I’ve pushed myself to understand web development, not just for my own benefit, but with the goal of being able to work closely with web developers. I’m constantly aware of markup languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Jquery, etc. in order to understand what is possible to create and what is important to include. My ideas are no longer communicated strictly visually, but interactively.

 As a designer and a freelancer, I’ve worked closely with developers and understand web development is crucial for any designer. I have experience designing for web and formatting images to best match the layout.





Infographics are visual presentations made up of charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, maps, and lists that take dense information and display it in a compact and creative format. These trendy instruments are used frequently in social media, and are a quick way to convey facts and engage viewers. The thing I love most about infographics is their ability to combine my two loves: typography and icons.  

 I created a series of icons for an employer in Washington, DC, that highlights each branch of their corporate structure. These icons were later used in their company’s portfolio and presentations.




  • Christina-Hagopian
    Carley is a joy to work with. Her enthusiasm for her work is exceptional and matches her creative thinking and illustration abilities. We created award winning designs together and I greatly enjoyed collaborating.

    Creative Director / Hagopian Ink /

  • SteveTaylor
    I was impressed by Carley’s ability to create a logo design that perfectly symbolizes our investment group's vision and demonstrates the professionalism and uniqueness we wish to convey to our clients and partners.

    Steve Taylor / District Ventures /

  • NathanielElliott
    Designing a logo for a handwriting company can not be easy and yet all of the ideas that Carley shared with us were brilliant. She was able to finalize on a clean, personalized, crisp handwritten style in our logo.

    Nathaniel Elliott / ahWriting /



I’m a coffee-drinking, active, outgoing, indie music-loving graphic designer and illustrator. I‘m also a friendly, creative, and pragmatic problem-solver with an obsessive attention to detail.  Although my roots are in the good ole’ South, I’ve ventured to many different cities and areas of the U.S. Now I’m back to my roots and living in the great city of Charlotte, NC.  I’m always excited to work with enthusiastic people who are looking to expand their brand or just grab a cup of coffee. I design beyond the computer, so you’ll never catch me without some sort of sketch book (yes, napkins count). I’m anxious and ready to work with a creative team, and I’m always looking for new opportunities.

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